What do Vikings of the XXI century look like?

They do not fight for comfort; they can afford it! They are worthy of the beautiful neighbors who greet you by name and open the door of the glass hall when you return home with two craft product packages.

They are worthy because they themselves are the same neighbors. Here are the smiling faces of the inhabitants, because the rooms of each home are flooded with sunlight. And you can’t help smiling as well. Because this time the Vikings are heading south.

Become the Viking!

Advantages Complex

  1. Flats
    • Apartments with terraces
    • Apartments with patio
    • box rooms
    • Panoramic windows
    • Unique design of interior halls
  2. Territory
    • Closed courtyard
    • Video surveillance system
    • Bicycle parking
    • Children's game modules
    • Playground
    • Underground parking
    • Street furniture
  3. Infrastructure
    • Business center
    • Children's club
    • Commercial premises
    • Supermarket
    • A new promising area of the city
  4. Modern technology
    • Cast-in-place construction technology
    • Underground garbage containers
    • Roof boiler room
    • Individual heating

Review Planning

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